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Grief During the Holidays
Picking A Christmas Tree

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Navigating the Holidays

“Happy Hanukkah,” they say. “Merry Christmas,” they repeat. “Joyous Kwanza,” they wish. But for some of us, happy and merry and joy are the remotest emotions of our heart. Especially during this season. Too many memories. Too many traditions. Too much pain. The empty chair at the dinner table. The one less present under the tree. The voice that filled the room with laughter now silent. While some sing that “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” we feel conflicted because it seems to be not so wonderful for us.

If you are looking to this resource for the magic solution for finding happiness and merriness in this season, you won’t find it. There is no magic solution. To get through the pain, you have to go through the pain. As the children’s song says, you can’t go over it, around it, or under it. You have to go through it. But even though there is no magic solution, there are five wishes that we have for you this holiday season. Though you may not have happy holidays, at the very least we wish that you will experience healthy holidays when it comes to grief.

Holiday Wishes from TAPS

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TAPS is available to you 24/7 through our National Military Survivor Helpline at 800-959-8277. You can always reach out to us this holiday season if you’re feeling lonely, struggling with your grief, have questions or just need to talk to someone.

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December 1, 2016
Expert: Zaneta M. Gileno, LMSW, CT
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