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Department of Defense Grief Publications

Dod Survivor Guide Cover August 2011  

This guide was designed to give you a clear idea of how the Department of Defense will assist you from your first meeting with your casualty assistance officer. It covers the planning and details of the funeral or memorial service, and continues through the application and processing of all benefits and entitlements.

Dod Mental Health Task Force Report Cover  

Findings and Recommendations: An Achievable Vision, June 2007



TAPS Publications

Survivor Brochure Cover  

TAPS Survivor Brochure

Survivors Helping Survivors Heal - an overview of TAPS Mission and Survivor Services

TAPS Quick Series - Benefits and Finance  

TAPS Quick Series - Benefits and Finance

This guide is meant to help military survivors take a deep breath and think through their financial options amidst the chaos and confusion following their loved one's death. Emotions and Money, About Benefits, Budgeting, Money Terms

Quick Series Guide - Child Grief  

TAPS Quick Series - Children's Grief Guide

The death of a family member will have a lifelong impact on children. This guide can help you understand how grief affects children, and offers ways to help children through the grieving process. This guide includes the following discussions: Challenges for Military Children, Coping Strategies and Talking to Children.

Quick Series Guide - Education Support  

TAPS Quick Series - Education Support Services

After losing a loved one, making decisions concerning the future of your family is difficult. Understand the type of education options and financial support available exclusively to survivors to help smooth the path to higher education. This guide includes the following discussions: Federal, state and community education benefits, Service-specific benefits, and College advice for surviving spouses

TAPS Quick Series - Survivors Guide  

TAPS Quick Series - Survivor Guide

This guide provides an introduction to TAPS programs and events. It also includes valuable information on grief and trauma as well as coping strategies, including articles by well-known authors in the field of bereavement. It is designed to help those in the military community who are new to grief and is included in the TAPS Resource Kit which is sent to surviving families at no charge.

Healing Book Thumbnail  

Healing Your Grieving Heart After a Military Death

When a loved one dies in the military, this guidebook provides a precious resource offering comfort, hope and healing with gentle suggestions and coping strategies. Anyone whose life has been touched by a military death will find compassionate understanding and healing guidance in the pages of this handbook. Created in conjunction with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and the Center for Loss and Life Transition. We hope this book will inspire you, help you, and bring you comfort. Order your copy today!

Klinger Cover  

Klinger, A Story of Hope

This beautifully illustrated, full color, hardback children's book tells the story of a young horse dreaming of fame as a racehorse. But his life is disrupted when he must leave his parents and start a new life. Faced with difficulty and disappointment, Klinger’s dream of significance seems unattainable. He then discovers that fame is not necessary, as he finds fulfillment in honoring fallen heroes and bringing comfort to their families. Order your copy today!

A Kids Journey of Grief Cover  

A Kids Journey of Grief, TAPS Edition

If a child or children in your life have lost a loved one in the armed forces, please request a copy of A Kids Journey of Grief, TAPS Edition. Email us at info@taps.org and provide us your mailing address, the ages of the children, and the name and branch of service of their loved one.

Spring 2011 TAPS Magazine Cover  

TAPS Quarterly Magazine  

TAPS Magazine is published quarterly and sent free of charge to survivors, their friends and family, service members, and professionals who work with U.S. military survivors. 




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