Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Caring for the Families of the Fallen
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Caring for the Families of our Fallen Heroes
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For Caregivers - Survivor Seminar in San Diego
Compassionate care and comfort in the immediate aftermath of a death and beyond, provides the survivor with a foundation as they begin their journey through grief. TAPS stands along with you in reaching out to all who are suffering,providing hope and healing.


You bring care, compassion and support to others. You make yourself available, sometimes at a moment’s notice, to lend your time, expertise and support to families and loved ones who are grieving the death of someone who served in the military. Whether it's your assigned duty, a chosen profession, or a shared experience - you touch the lives of those who are hurting. You are a caregiver - whether you carry the title grief counselor, military chaplain or casualty assistance officer.

TAPS appreciates your efforts to care for those left behind when a military death occurs. We provide information about military grief and traumatic bereavement, as well as support and compassionate assistance to those actively involved in survivor care. Through education and training opportunities, advice and resources, TAPS wishes to include in our family, those that stand with us on the front lines to reach out to military survivors everywhere.

For more information, please contact us at: info@taps.org.

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