Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Caring for the Families of the Fallen
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Caring for the Families of our Fallen Heroes
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TAPS offers help, hope, and healing to all those grieving the death of a loved one serving in America's Armed Forces.
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  Bonnie Carroll 
  TAPS President and Founder 


  Kyle Harper
  Chief Strategy and Communications Officer

  Claire Henline
  Manager, Social Media

  Bevin Landrum
  Manager, Donor Communications  

  Kelly Griffith
  Manager, Internal Communications
  Editor, TAPS Magazine

  Caitlin Kuiper
  Website & Marketing Coordinator

  Erika Edwards
  Photo Archivist

  Jennifer Bonney
  Graphic Designer

  Jackie Ross
  Morgan McKenty
  Steve Maloney

  TAPS Photographers

  Patti Holt
  Applications Development

  Erin Jacobson
  Director, Survivor Programs

  Kat Stanley
  Deputy Director, Survivor Programs

  Ashley Rao
  Project Manager, TAPS Empowerment Retreats
  Jaime Boris
  Manager, TAPS Retreats
  Tabitha Bonilla
  Kylynn Maxwell

  Retreat Coordinator
  Buneva Jacquay
  Retreat Support

  Rachel Hunsell
  Expeditions Coordinator

  Emily Muñoz
  Director, Health and Wellness Initiatives

  Kim Burditt
  Manager, TAPS Seminars
  Courtney Fontenot
  Danitza James

  Regional Seminar Coordinators

  Jonathan Kirkendall
  Manager, Youth Programs
  Kimberly Taylor
  Brad Gallup
  Erin Hefner
  Renee Monczynski
  Youth Programs

  Audri Beugelsdijk
  Director, Survivor Care Team
  Ester Allgower
  Sarah Greene

  Carole Hilton
  Robin Leininger
  Sue Sawyer
  Gail Simmons
  Doug Windley

  Survivor Care Team
  Kristen Buergey
  Survivor Care Team Liaison
  Carla Stumpf-Patton
  Manager, Suicide Survivor Services
  Jennifer Burns
  Susan Carron
  Terri Jones
  Deb Lucey
  Donald Lipstein

  Suicide Support, Survivor Care Team

  Karen Burris
  Director, TAPS National Military Survivor Helpline
  Diane Ebenal
  Terry Meyers
  Stephanie Frogge
  Ashleigh Carlin
  Lois Vinall
  Valerie Gagne

  TAPS Helpline

  Ellen Andrews
  DOD MOA Liaison and Online Care
  Kellie Hazlett
  Manager, Peer Mentor Program and Online Care
  Carol Lane
  Kim Suggs
  Online Community
  Claire Hunter
  Melinda Kane
  Peer Mentor Program Coordinators

  Zaneta Gileno
  Director, Community Based Care
  Lalaine Estella
  Manager, Community Based Care
  Bethany Guimond
  Stephen Stott
  Community Based Care Coordinators

  Kathy Moakler 
  Director, External Relations and Policy Analysis

  Jennifer Harlow 
  Director, Casework Support Services

  Brittany Bonin-Bruder
  Manager, Casework
  Angela Nason
  Aaron Brodsky
  Case Work Advocates
  Lis Olsen
  Case Work Associate

  Ashlynne Haycock
  Senior Education Support Services Coordinator
  Drew Buehring
  Education Support Services Coordinator

  Kim Ruocco
  Chief External Relations Officer
  for Suicide Prevention and Postvention

  Beth Henderson
  Manager, Database and Research

  Jamie Beatty
  Applications Development

  Ashley Leal
  Heather Royse
  Data Entry

  Marie Campbell
  Director, Team TAPS

  Jerome Tenille
  Manager, Volunteer Services


  Diana Hosford
  Chief, Sports and Entertainment Officer
  Jessica Harper
  Manager, teams4taps

  Diana Wright
  Manager, teams4taps and Special Events

  Leigh Edmonds
  teams4taps Coordinator

  Melissa Burris
  Manager, Development and Donor Services
  Emily Lappat
Manager, Development and Program Liaison
  Gabriel Rao
  Manager, Development and Donor Relations
  Jennifer Williams
  Manager, Development and Donor Records

  Katie Maness
Senior Advisor
  Shand Mayville
  TAPS Data Entry

  Courtney Nyren
  Director, Finance and Accounting

  Janelle Field 
  Staff Accountant

  Zeyna Reavis
  Office Manager

  Mardee McDaniel
  Photo Buttons

  Nancy Kaplan
  Human Resources

  David Wellington
  Jose Fuentes
  Information Technology

  Susan Wight
  Greta Gonzalez
  Special Projects

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