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TAPS hosts and participates in events across the country to provide support to all who are grieving the loss of a loved one who has died while in military service. Through our national and regional seminars and good grief camps, retreats, special presentations and fundraising events, TAPS is able to provide hope and healing. Our special presentations offer survivors, caregivers, military personnel, supporters and friends the opportunity to learn more about military grief and learn about the mission of TAPS.

TAPS takes pride in being able to continue its mission of compassionate care and comfort to all survivors; regardless of relationship, circumstance or geographic location of the death. Whether a survivor, caregiver, supporter, friend or someone who is interested in learning more about TAPS, we invite you to review our calendar and Press Room for an event near you!

TAPS Seminars  
TAPS Event | TAPS Survivor Seminars are inspirational weekends of support, care and hope. You will make connections with those who have suffered a similar loss through our group discussions. Workshops and activities will help you develop coping skills, life skills and ways to honor your loved ones.
Our Stories: General Grief
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Attending a Funeral  

Attending Funerals After Loss
By Bevin R. Landrum, MA

TAPS Magazine | When our hearts are newly broken and the magnitude of our losses seems insurmountable, it is hard to think beyond the surreal moments of your own hero's memorial service, wake or funeral. Whether your loved one is laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery or under a tall oak in the family cemetery plot, that location and experience is consuming. You feel as if you will never attend another funeral again. How could you? It would open fresh wounds and require an effort of composure that seems impossible.
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