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The heart of TAPS is our Peer Support Network. It represents the simple recognition of the powerful connections made when you can communicate with those having shared experiences. Our peer support network is a circle of comfort, warmth and understanding.

TAPS Peer Mentors


Depending on the involvement you wish to have in this peer support network, TAPS offers you a variety of options. Please select the link below that best applies to you.

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If you are an adult military survivor and would like to bring hope to another adult military survivor, view our Becoming a Peer Mentor Information to learn more and then complete the Peer Mentor Application. We will then contact you as events occur in your local area. For more information, email us at peermentors@taps.org.
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If you are an active duty military service member or a recent military veteran, you can volunteer to mentor a child through the TAPS Good Grief Camp progam. Mentors are background checked and are trained in how to companion a child who is grieving. See More »
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TAPS Event | Join TAPS at the Ragnar Relay, a challenge that will push you to your limits and strengthen your resolve.
Our Stories: General Grief
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The Nature of Grief  

The Nature of Grief
By Zaneta M. Gileno LMSC, CT, Director of Community Based Care

TAPS Magazine | One of my favorite things to see is a weed sprouting up through the cracks in a sidewalk. The idea that something so seemingly delicate could push through the concrete and find a way to grow is inspiring. And if that weed happens to be a dandelion, it can make my heart soar. The hope and promise in the fluff of a dandelion filled with wishes, that weed growing through the crack, can speak to our grief journey in many ways.
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